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Did you know?

Would you know the difference between a useful therapy based on scientific evidence or a quack therapy based on unproven theories?

Do you understand how your body works and how the different systems in the body function?

Did you know there is very little regulation within the complementary therapy industry?

The term “nutritionist” is not a protected term and there are courses of varying lengths and quality that enable people to practice as nutritional therapists. A nutritionist or nutritional therapist is not a medical professional. A dietitian has studied the science of nutrition and its effect on the body and you can see one on the NHS. Nutritionists charge for appointments and sell supplements and often sell food intolerance testing that is based on unproven theories.

I have created a blog called The Science Quarter, that explains how the body works and a little about what the different therapies and fads are that you may come across.


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