Home visit massage

Home visit massage is available for women only. I may charge a little more than some of the large websites where you can get any number of people to visit your home, but with me, you have direct access to me by phone to ask any questions you may have. I can also email you copies of my diplomas or insurance, if you would like to see them. If you would like to book an appointment at my therapy room first, you can do this and then decide if you want home visits from me. You have more control this way.

I don’t use a massage table when I’m doing home visit massage, so if you don’t have a lot of space, it’s no problem. I have a special body cushion set, made for massage therapists, that can be placed either on the floor or on your bed.

The body cushions have an adjustable cushioned area for the abdomen, making them suitable for pregnancy massage, as you can lie on your front. For pregnancy massage, the cushions must be placed on your bed, rather than the floor. If you prefer to lie on your side for pregnancy massage, that is fine. If you already know you want to lie on your side, please tell me beforehand and I’ll be very happy not to bring my trolley and cushions with me. If you’d like to try lying on your front and decide it’s not comfortable, you can easily switch to lying on your side. When you’re further along with your pregnancy or if you are carrying a big baby, you might prefer to lie on your side. I have been seeing pregnant clients for 12 years, so I don’t mind if you change positions at any point during your massage. You can’t relax if you’re not comfortable.

I bring a towel to drape over you and a black sheet that covers the body cushions. The cushions have a face rest, which I cover with a square of paper couch roll. You don’t need to provide me with anything. Maybe a glass of water, but that’s it.

Home visit massage costs from £68 for an hour in the Islington area or nearby. If you live further away, I may charge extra. If you and a friend want to have massages, I can see you one after the other and I may offer a discount for this.

To book or to ask me any questions, you can call me on 07827 975 440 or email me at tanja.drayton@gmail.com. I have had my business for 12 years, so I’m not often available on the same day, especially for home visits. I do home visits during the daytime and early evening on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and daytime only on Thursdays and Sundays.


As an independent massage therapist who does not work via one of the large online booking sites, I am available to answer your questions in advance. When I am booking a massage, I find it hard to know if I’m choosing the right person if I’m only presented with a short bio and a photo of the person, with no access to all of their information, apart from a promise from the website that they are good.


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