Foot Massage

What is it?

A relaxing massage of the lower legs and feet to help improve circulation and ease tension in the muscles of the legs and the sole of the feet. It may help relieve swelling, depending on the cause.

Who is this suitable for?

If you stand for long periods or walk a lot or even if you are a runner, your feet and calves may need some extra attention. When you walk or run, your calf muscles absorb the impact of each step. If the muscles become tight, they are less effective shock absorbers and this can cause discomfort in the short term, but could possibly lead to plantar fasciitis or shin splints. There are other contributing factors for these two injuries, but it may help prevent them by ensuring your muscles are not overworked and tight.

Length of appointment

This can be a standalone 45 or 60 minute massage or incorporated into any of the 60 or 90 minute massages at a shorter length.


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