Hot Stone Massage & Holistic Massage

A massage tailored to suit you

You are an individual. You are unique. Your massage should be too.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones can help relax tight muscles. Using a stone as a massage tool can help access deeper lying tension in the body. Lying quietly with heated stones on your back is very relaxing.

You can book a hot stone massage on its own or add it to the holistic massage, deep tissue massage or even a sports massage. It is not suitable during pregnancy.

I use ceramic “stones” that are dry heated on rods. Because they are not in water, there is less risk of bacteria in the water and also less water wasted. They are as effective as the so-called volcanic stones.

Holistic Full Body Massage

This full body massage can either be a light spa-type of massage, with lovely smelly oils, or it can be firmer if that suits you.

You can add foot massage, head massage or face massage to the routine. This is your time for pampering.

If you choose to have face massage as part of the routine, this is included about halfway through, before the front of the legs and feet are massaged. The oils used on the face are very nourishing and a collagen eye mask is applied for the final fifteen minutes, while your legs and feet and being massaged.

Holistic massage is available as 60 or 90 minute appointments. It’s simply not possible to do a full body massage in less than 60 minutes. If you like the sound of the face massage, this is available on its own as the “Natural Facelift” Massage.


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