Natural Facelift Massage

What is it?

This massage is a relaxing massage of the face and neck that has a temporarily smoothing effect on fine lines. It helps to boost the circulation in the skin, so you leave feeling refreshed and with a natural glow.

Does it work?

This “facelift” is temporary but can last up to two weeks, according to my older clients. It seems to have more of an affect on older skin, so you may not notice much difference if you have younger, smoother skin.

This is a very calming massage and can be useful to help you relax if you are stressed, especially if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night, as the muscles around the jaw get tight.

Length of appointment

You can book this massage on its own as a 45 or 60 minute massage or you can incorporate a shorter version into any of the longer massages.

Oils used

The massage strokes themselves are the important element, not a fancy oil. The skin will become hydrated with most oils, even a plain oil. The massage helps to improve the circulation in the skin, which has nothing to do with the oil on the skin. There may be some absorption of the oil, which will help to improve the appearance of the skin, but in my experience, you can get the same result from a plain oil, or one just containing Vitamin E, than an expensive oil. The choice is yours when you book. If your skin is sensitive, you should choose the plain, unscented oil to avoid any reaction.


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