Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is safe from the second trimester right through to your due date. I’ve seen a few clients who have been past their due dates and have been feeling uncomfortable and a massage at this stage of pregnancy can help you to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to bring on labour. Massage has its limits.

I use a special body cushion set that allows you to lie face down during your massage. It’s safe to lie on and has an adjustable section where your bump goes, so it can accommodate your growing baby. If you prefer to lie on your side, that’s no problem at all. It’s your body and your comfort and peace of mind come first.

The massage routine for pregnancy massage covers the feet (if you want them massaged), calves and the back of the thighs, the top of the hips, the back, shoulders and neck. If your hands and arms are feeling tense, please let me know and I will work on these areas too.

I tend not to do the light spa-type of massage as this doesn’t really achieve much more than make you feel a bit sleepy (or irritated if you really want those tense muscles dealt with). I use deeper massage techniques where you need them, which is usually the hips, back and shoulders but the whole massage does tend to be relaxing. If you prefer a light massage and hate deep massage, just let me know.

Home visit pregnancy massages are very popular and can be arranged with me by calling me on 07827 975 440 or by emailing me at I charge the same rates if you live in the Islington area or aren’t too far away. Home visits can be booked on week days and evenings and on Sundays.

On Thursday evenings and on Saturdays, I am based at my therapy room on Upper Street, Islington. I can also take bookings at the therapy room on Sundays and for daytime bookings during the week.

Postnatal massage

A relaxing and destressing massage for new mums either at my therapy room or at your home. This massage helps to release tension in the shoulders and lower back caused by lifting and carrying your growing baby and also from holding during breastfeeding.

For home visits, I use the same body cushion set as for pregnancy massage. It is comfortable to lie on, especially if your breasts are feeling tender. I am very relaxed around babies and allow extra time, in case you are alone with your baby and need to stop for a little while. Usually, my clients have someone home with them to look after their babies while they are having a massage, but sometimes you may be on your own. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a massage. Feel free to call me on 07827 975 440 to discuss if it’s suitable to have a home visit postnatal massage.


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