Sports Massage

Exercise is good for the body as it improves muscle tone, aids blood circulation, improves your cardiovascular health and helps release endorphins. We aren’t perfectly designed and sometimes we need a little extra help to ease tight muscles and improve flexibility.

If you are in training and pushing yourself to achieve new goals, you may not have enough time between training sessions for your body to recover. Sports massage can help your muscles by improving circulation locally and loosening tight muscles. My clients who train for sports events have reported that having regular sports massages has helped them to avoid injury and improve their performance.

How often should you have a sports massage?

It depends on your training, your lifestyle and any pre-existing injuries. Some of my clients book a monthly sports massage, while others prefer weekly (although this is rare) or just book when they feel they need one. All of these are okay. There is no one size fits all when it comes to massage.

How painful is sports massage?

Everyone has a different pain threshold and some people find sports massage very uncomfortable, especially if it’s their first massage or they haven’t had a massage for a few months but have been training hard. There a few reasons why sports massage is painful, but the main reason is that your muscles are overworked and tense and the quick route to releasing the tension is by using techniques that apply pressure to the soft tissues. Pressure on tight muscles is either felt as “good pain” or discomfort.

Most of my clients find they get used to the pain level and don’t mind the discomfort, but there are other techniques available. I am trained in Myofascial Release, which helps to ease tension in the soft tissues and is not painful at all. I use this technique either when my client has a pre-existing injury or is very sensitive to pain. It is also very effective for easing tightness after a muscle spasm in the neck.


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