Sports Massage

Sports massage is suitable for active bodies because it can help improve soft tissue and joint flexibility. We expect a lot from our bodies and sometimes they need a little help. If you are training for event or you regularly take part in sport, a sports massage can be useful to help you recover and avoid injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue techniques help ease tightness in the soft tissues. It’s ideal as a back massage to help those tight shoulders and the neck to loosen up. If you have a desk job, you could probably do with a deep tissue massage. I work to your pain level. I have completed a course in Advanced Bodywork techniques, which include less painful ways to work with tight areas.

New: Comprehensive 6 Week Course for Chronic Low Back Pain

This course is designed for people who suffer from chronic pain in the lower back but can be useful for other types of pain and can also be adapted to help if you are recovering from a sports injury and are feeling frustrated with waiting to recover when you are used to being active. The course for chronic low back pain includes some massage, education on pain and how the body manages pain, how the brain and spinal cord interpret pain, exercises focused on improving your strength and flexibility, how to work out your baseline activity level, relaxation exercises and some talking therapy (which can be done by phone or Skype if that’s more convenient). The course is most useful when completed in 6 consecutive weeks, which is why I include phone/Skype to help keep the course on track. Payment can either be made in advance or at each appointment.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on the areas of the body that feel tighter and take more strain during pregnancy (the shoulders, mid-back, lower back, legs and feet). You will be lying on your side and changing position halfway through to the other side. I can also add in some extra shoulder and neck work with you sitting up. This is your time. It’s about your comfort level. I have completed a specialised course in pregnancy massage. Massage is safe during pregnancy, but I don’t see anyone until they’re in their second trimester. As with deep tissue massage, I work to your comfort level. If you prefer a deeper massage, that’s what you’ll get. If you want a light spa massage, you can have that too.

What else is available?

Holistic/Swedish Massage (a lighter more relaxing massage)
Hot Stone Massage (using an electric dry ceramic heating device)
Foot and Lower Leg Massage (can be booked on its own or incorporated into a full body massage)
Smoothing and Relaxing Face Massage (can be booked on its own or incorporated into a full body massage)

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